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|Ariane Mnouchkine

invited the Ensemble in Paris! |

For five days, eight young people from Jaffa, Jews and Arabs, stayed and worked at the Théâtre du Soleil.

Together with a group of young Parisians, led by the wonderful Ido Shaked, who do things similar to ours. They participated in a Japanese masks workshop with Serge Nikuly (the lead actor of Mnouchkine), a movement workshop and a stage presence with Helen Senk.

Intense work on the expression of being the actor, with Jean Bellarini. They were present and played on the set of "Seeking Lost Time" Proust, and had the opportunity to meet and watch the rehearsals of Canadian director Robert Lafage, who is currently working on a new play at the Theater du Sun. In addition to all this, Mnouchkine, worried that every day young people sit and eat with the group, can talk to him and receive a huge lesson in life.

|Pascal Rambert

came to work with us! |

World famous theater director Pascal Rambert came to Jaffa in order to create a theater performance with us. Together, we have created a show for Arab, Jewish and Christian residents in an underprivileged neighborhood located in the city of Jaffa.

it was a pleasure for all of us, working with a world-known professional director.


"A (Micro) History of World Economics, Danced" - The show has been performed by non-professional actors, residents of neighborhoods all across the world including Egypt, China, the United States, Germany and others. Its aim and focus is to find meaning in a joint crisis through sharing histories and learning to accept and respect each other’s differences while acknowledging their similarities.


The event was free of charge for the public and took place in October at the Old City of Jaffa. It was a big success, the participants, as well as the viewers were able to experience other perspectives and enjoy the unique vision of Pascal Rambert.

Our souls were deeply moved by this show.

Here is a video that shares some of the work we did.

Thank you for your generous donation Pascal!

​'a ballet of raw bodies share their own histories in the larger history of economics – tall, short, young, old, of different ethnicities and ancestry on stage as one

community to make meaning of a crisis' - The New York Times



Author, Choreographer & Film Director Since 2007, served as the director of T2G, Theater De Gennevilliers and as the Artistic Director of Bouffos Du Nord theater.

He is the winner of many theater prizes among them :

● Grand Prize in Dramatic Literature - 2012

● Prix de l'auteur (Author’s Award) - 2013

● French Academy's Prix Émile Augier - 2015


|"Transparent Walls" Premiere!|

The Etty Hillesum youth theater is proud to present our new act “Transparent Walls”!



“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”


The play is based on the famous opening sentence of Leo Tolstoy’s monumental book “Anna Karenina”.

Eleven scenes in a row, created by our own youth group who presents families'  daily life from different points of view

Using various genres, the scenes look ino various types of relationships among the family members : father - daughter, mother - daughter, sisters, brothers, uncovering the inner world of teenagers.

About our special creation journey:


The play came up as an idea during the 2nd year acting class of our ensamble.

The group had researched the subject of famlies for six months asking questions, acknowleding the complexity of situations and sharing their personal experience.

[The participants give theirinterpretations to many themes such as parenting, single parent families, broken families, child-parent communication, jealousy of a mother in her daughter, jealousy of a husband in his wife. ]


(The ensamble practised theatrical techniques to tell their which helped them to understand how to tell their own story on stage.)

8.8.2017 , 21:00

| A new performance of the ensemble "After the Holidays"! |

This year's performance is entirely the ensemble. The entire play was written by the boys in Alma Gnihar's close and wonderful Levia, the costumes were designed and sewn by the boys in Liat Ben Shushan's dedicated Levia and the performance staged by Yefim Rienenberg is played with supreme talent by the group itself.

The play was written by the youth, a process that has lasted almost two years and we are very excited to invite you to a festive premiere that will take place on Tuesday, August 8 at 21:00 at the Jaffa Theater (inside the Old City). This is an intimate show in an intimate space about small stories, about one building in Jaffa D. and the exciting and turbulent life inside it.

2019 Events

Neverland - Efim Rinenberg
Wed, Jul 03
Pa'amonit St 9
Jul 03, 2019, 8:00 PM
Pa'amonit St 9, Pa'amonit St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
The play Neverland is a surprising adaptation of two classic fairy tales: Peter Pan and Apartment for Rent.
Monophilus - Ronen Sadis - FR : Monophilus - Ronen Sadis - מונופילוס - הצגה של רונן סדיס
Thu, May 30
Pa'amonit St 9
May 30, 2019, 8:00 PM – Jul 30, 2019, 9:30 PM
Pa'amonit St 9, Pa'amonit St 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Far away in a small gray town There was an odd old hat shop. And the store owner - a special type Voir plus bas la description en Français - תאור ההצגה בעברית למטה
Gal Hurvitz at FRANCE INTER - Live Radio in Toulouse (France)
Fri, May 10
May 10, 2019, 7:00 PM
Toulouse, Toulouse, France
English : Gal Hurvitz was invited by France INTER to speak about the theater in RADIO LIVE in Toulouse in May. If you are in the South, come listen. French : Gal Hurvitz a été invité par France INTER à parler du théâtre dans RADIO LIVE à Toulouse en mai. Si vous êtes dans le Sud, venez écouter.
Gal Hurvitz & Annie Ohana invited to AIPAC 2019
Sun, Mar 24
Mar 24, 2019, 7:00 PM
Washington, Washington, USA
Gal Hurvitz will speak on March 24, 2019 on the big stage of AIPAC in Washington.
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