Our theater during Corona days

We take advantege of the opportunity to say Happy Passover to you and your family and share some of our intense  activities during the Corona crisis. The Corona will not stop us...

The Corona crisis is very difficult for ouur youth .  60 boys  and girls are in complete uncertainty these days. The majority of them come from very low socioeconomic families. Others come from unsupported, violent, scary families. Everyone must remain quarantined at home with all the associated consequences of staying close in a harsh environment.


So, we decided to re-invent ourselves and continue our daily routine with our youth:


Every four days we deliver food packages for our youth and their families who are more in need than ever. The Orenstein Foundation  donates the food packages.


One of the boys' mothers wrote us after receiving the food package: "I thank you very much.My children and I are glad there are people who care for us these days" ....

2.Daily connection with the youth continues. We have turned all lessons into  interactive  so that the theater lessons can match an online lesson in the Zoom app. Every day we meet in a zooming class, deliver a theater class with the same teachers  and make sure to give the youth a mission they will work on until the next class. We make great efforts to preserve years of support,  love and theater studies. We know and feel that the youth is missing the  theater activities and its teachers . They write to us, the seek for connections and maintain a continuous and close relationship. 


3. Online TV Channel - We have set up a virtual platform - a weekly web strip for our youth to upload the products they have been working on recently. We recognize the importance of  product oriented working, such as get ready for a show, learn dialog so we have accelerated the pace and make youth work intensively for an online performance. Each week we will upload the sections they are working on and invite an audience. It is our way, just as we do in the theater, to bring the youth out of the harsh reality and make them work on joyous and inspirational things.



4. The Jaffa coordinator with our social assistant are holding Zoom sessions of group dynamics and one on one support. Through those online meetings it is possible for everyone to talk to each other and maintain feelings of togetherness they need right now.

5. We hold master workshops and theater related lectures with various famous professionals that the children know and love such as: Amos Tamam, Oz Zehavi.

To sum up, now, the immense crises that we are all going through will not stop but force us to accelerate the pace for the youth do they will pass this period while staying at home yet feel that they are protected and loved . Theater is their safe and secure place and it does not go away because of the existing situation but on the contrary, it supports, holds, loves and is present with all the energy and creativity.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.Wish you healthy days soon!

Kol Hanoar Team

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Ariel's monologue workshop on zoom

Photo from Celiene's  video this week

The group on diffrent days, with the Israeli famous actor, Oz Zehavi

Yael's T.V formats workshop on zoom

Corona in a girl's life by: Lana Gutiere

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